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The World Organization of Workers strives to protect and promote the interests of employees working in the sectors in which it is active. WOW wants to be an open trade union organisation where member-organisation feel secure and at home. In our opinion it is pivotal to have good relationships with the organisations that WOW represents.

WOW its strategy for the structural improvement of itself and its member-organisations consists of five points. These are:

  • The further development and expansion as an international quality organisation
  • The support of the maintenance and promotion of employment
  • The improvement and development of the capacities of its member-organisations
  • The further organisation and improvement of livelihoods for workers in the informal economy
  • The increase in representation in the social dialogue with international institutions such as the ILO

WOW believes that trade union pluralism is essential and we consider subsidiarity important for the improvement of the livelihoods of members of our affiliated trade union organisations.

The World Organization of Workers is aware of the fact that it is not the largest international trade federation in the service sector. WOW regards this as positive. Our size entails that we can operate very democratically and have a personal relationship with our member-organisations. We would like to grow, but not at all cost.

Our primary aim is to be a quality organisation to which trade unions all over the world want to affiliate.