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Founding congress of WOW-Asia: A new continental federation is born!

karta, 21 August 2015 - WOW member-organizations in Asia met in Jakarta, Indonesia from 18 – 21 August. The reason of the meeting was to determine whether there was readiness among the Asian member-organizations to found a new WOW continental organization.

The former member-organizations of the Asian Brotherhood of Clerical Workers - ABCW, who were without regional body after the WOW stopped putting efforts in the ABCW as a result of insurmountable conflicting interests and perspectives, decided unanimously to create a new continental structure.

After three intense days of meetings, whereby the representatives of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Bangladesh discussed matters in an open and frank atmosphere the conclusion was that there was plenty of room and willingness to create a continental federation. The name selected was WOW-Asia.

On 20 August the congress elected the following board:

President - Ms. Nicetas (Necie) Lucero (Philippines)
Vice-President - Mr. Warish Ahmed (Bangladesh)
Secretary General - Ms. Maria Emeninta (Indonesia)
Treasurer - Ms. Uly Nursia Pakpahan (Indonesia)
Member of the Board - Mr. Romulo Jimeno (Philippines)
Member of the Board - Mr. Ashraful Islam (Bangladesh)

The WOW congratulates its members in Asia with the creation of WOW-Asia.

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